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Lind: Bergquist remembered for had on-air, in-air presence

Carol Bergquist, Dewey Bergquist’s daughter, after completing her first solo flight. Special to The Forum

Dewey Bergquist was both on and in the air.

He was on it when he was the weatherman for WDAY-TV, Fargo. He was in it when he flew his plane.

Fifty years ago, Dewey took his first solo flight.

This year, so did his daughter.

Musical team

Carol Bergquist lives in St. Paul with her husband, Larry McDonough, and Rosie, 20, the youngest of Larry‘s three daughters from a previous marriage, who lives half of the time with her mother and half of the time with Larry and Carol, and who has a developmental delay and low-tone cerebral palsy.

Carol works at home writing proposals and occasionally managing proposal efforts for IBM. Larry is director of pro bono litigation with a Minneapolis law firm.

Both Carol and Larry are musicians. Carol plays flute for weddings, church services and community orchestras, and performs chamber music with friends. Larry plays jazz piano in clubs with a saxophone player or with his quartet.

Last year, Carol began flying lessons and on Feb. 23 she took her first solo flight.

That was a special event.

And here’s another one.

‘Fargo, tower’

When Marv Bossart, Dewey’s news teammate on WDAY-TV, died last year, Carol, with her flight instructor, flew to Fargo for his funeral.

“When we approached Fargo,” Carol writes, “and I said, ‘Fargo, tower,’ followed by my identification, location and intention to land, I couldn’t help but hear my dad’s voice in my head and all the millions of times he had said, ‘Fargo, tower,’ as well.”

Dewey died of cancer in 1996, leaving behind many fans. One of them was his daughter, who, just as he once did, today is flying high. Literally.

And Neighbors hopes all you dads out there are flying high with your sons and daughters today. Happy Father’s Day!

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