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Fargo woman sentenced to five days in jail in connection with Allegiant incident


FARGO – A Fargo woman has been sentenced to five days in jail after pleading guilty to resisting arrest after her alleged assault on two flight attendants Wednesday night on a plane bound for Hector International Airport.

  Fargo city prosecutor Jason Loos said Allison Kathryn Johnson, 35, pleaded guilty to a single Class B misdemeanor count of resisting arrest and was sentenced to five days in jail, plus court-ordered chemical dependency evaluation.

   Loos said the sentence was fairly standard in cases such as Johnson’s, who has prior alcohol-related convictions on her record, and whose confrontation with police Wednesday night was alcohol-related.

    “I think it was a kind of a continual thing,” said Loos, of Johnson’s “flailing” at police officers. “From when they grabbed her off the airplane, all the way to jail.”

  Johnson also is ordered to pay $325 in fines and fees as part of her sentence.

  The incident on-board the plane is being investigated by the FBI.