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Weather Talk: March another month that was warmer than average

March was another in a string of much-warmer-than- average months in Fargo-Moorhead. The average daily mean temperature was 38.4 degrees, which is 10.6 degrees above the average of the three most recent complete decades.

This ranks as the third warmest March since 1881, behind the record-holding 2012 and the second-place 1910.

March 1 was the only day of the month with colder- than-average temperatures. Snowfall was scant during March, with just 2.5 inches measured, which is well below the average March snowfall of 9.1 inches.

The heaviest snowfall of the month occurred March 25 when 1.6 inches was measured by the official snow observer in north Moorhead. However, less snow fell on central and southern parts of the cities.

The month had been extremely dry until a half-inch rain fell the night of March 29-30.

The warmest temperature was 70 degrees March 29 and the coldest was 8 degrees March 1.

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