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Cass County Electric warns of phone scam

FARGO - Cass County Electric Cooperative is warning customers about a telephone scam.

Scammers claiming to represent the co-op have been calling businesses and threatening to cut off service unless an immediate payment is made, CCEC said in a news release.

The callers often claim that there is an overdue utility bill and request the use of a prepaid credit or debit card for payment.

The co-op says it will never cut off service to a customer without first issuing several official notices, and it does not call overdue account holders and require immediate payment over the phone.

Customers who get such calls are urged to contact CCEC at (701) 356-4400.

Cass County Electric is a non-profit, member-owned electric co-op serving more than 43,000 members in a 10-county area in southeastern North Dakota. Its wholesale power supplier is Minnkota Power Cooperative.