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Weather Talk: Warmest February on record in Fargo-Moorhead was in 1958

With temperatures forecast into the 50s this weekend, here is a look back to the warmest February weather on record in Fargo-Moorhead. February 1958 was not unusually warm, overall. In fact, the first 19 days of February that year were colder than average. However, there was very little snow on the ground; only a couple of inches most of the month. So when warm weather moved in, the snow quickly melted and the weather warmed to record levels. For five consecutive days at the end of the month, the temperature warmed to at least 50 degrees, including the Fargo-Moorhead February record high of 66 degrees on Feb. 25. Colder weather returned in March of that year, with daily high temperatures in the 20s and 30s for the first three weeks of March.