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Organizers of petition to recall Piepkorn believe they'll meet signature goal

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FARGO — Organizers for a petition to recall Fargo Commissioner Dave Piepkorn say they're confident they'll meet their goal of 4,000 signatures by early May.

A petition to remove Piepkorn has been signed by a couple thousand people in the past few weeks, according to one organizer.

Supporters of the petition say Piepkorn must be removed from office because of his negative views toward refugees in the Fargo community.

Supporters are not only confident they will get enough signatures to force a special election, they also believe there's no way the commissioner could be re-elected.

"He won his last election with 21 percent of the vote. If we have a tight race with just a couple of candidates, there's no way he can split that down, and no way he'll stay in," said petition organizer Andrew Lenzmeier.

Piepkorn says he welcomes a special election, and believes he'd win re-election.