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Electric car charging stations could come soon to the state of ND

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FARGO — People in Fargo got a taste of what living "cleaner" might be like with electric cars.

Citizens Local Energy Action Network, also known as "CLEAN" hosted an event to highlight just what our metro could be like in a few years.

Brian Kopp is showing off his car to googly-eyed onlookers.

He drove it to Fargo from Dickinson on a single charge.

"Right now I have to spend eight hours charging to make it here, and another stop just to make it home," said Kopp.

Luckily there is a map of where he can charge.

"The quick charge stations are set to be on the map for this year," said Kopp.

Unfortunately, North Dakota is just dead space—there are only a handful of stations in the state and none work with Kopp's car.

Some are hoping to add a lot more of these red pins on the map.

"We think that North Dakota is the next domino to fall in the EV industry," said Brian Levin of ChargePoint.

ChargePoint is spearheading a plan to open charging stations on Interstate 94 in the state.

"What they're pushing is for fossil fuels, how to decrease the amount of fossil fuels in the area. It is a good idea," said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

An idea that would help increase the popularity of electric cars and keep googly-eyed spectators..

"In North Dakota, many people are used to driving large distances to go certain distances. We don't have enough range to do that," said Mahoney.

Most charging stations can cost anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar per hour to use.