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VIDEO: Watch bar scuffle between ND sheriff and Moorhead woman

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DILWORTH, Minn. — Surveillance video of a scuffle between the sheriff of Sargent County, N.D., and a woman at a bar here last spring was released this week by Dilworth officials.

The scuffle occurred at the Red Hen Taphouse, 1710 Center Ave. E., the night of May 14 when the sheriff, Travis Paeper, was off-duty.

The video, a key piece of evidence in a case involving an elected sheriff, shows Karen Beyer hitting Paeper in the face at least twice after he was reportedly bothering her and women with her.

Paeper, 44, of Forman, N.D., and Beyer, 51, of Moorhead, were both charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct in Clay County District Court. They each paid a $150 fine, and their cases were continued for six months before being dismissed.

Paeper's case was dismissed on March 31 and Beyer's on April 11. Dilworth officials said it was these dismissals that allowed for this week's release of the video, which The Forum requested months ago.

A police report said Paeper that night repeatedly criticized the officer who investigated the incident.

Reached for comment, Paeper said: "I think the video kind of speaks for itself." Beyer declined to comment.

Paeper remains the sheriff of Sargent County, which is in southeastern North Dakota.