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F-M refugee group calls for end to Piepkorn recall effort

Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn

FARGO - The Fargo Moorhead Refugee Advisory Council is calling for an immediate end to the effort to recall Fargo City Commission Dave Piepkorn, the group said Thursday, April 27, in a news release posted on Facebook.

“The decision to reach this conclusion has been made after meeting with ethnic leaders and other ethnic community members affiliated with FMRAC,” the group said.

The group said it had kept a neutral stance since the recall effort began in March, but has now heard that volunteer ethnic members who have gone door-to-door collecting signatures “have been threatened and treated with profanity.”

The council urges an end to the recall effort “solely, to protect individuals, and due to violence it may incite which might result in creating unsafe communities for refugees and their families.”

The council said area refugees want to live in a safe and peaceful environment.

“Any effort to create further divide is opposite of what the Council represents, and the recall impedes the council’s objective to connect and integrate communities,” the release said.

The council said it disagrees with Piepkorn’s stance on refugee resettlement and their cost to the city, but supports an “unbiased study that looks into both pros and cons of refugee resettlement in our communities.”