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Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool cleaned and refilled after duckling deaths


WASHINGTON - The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool along the National Mall has been refilled after a deep cleaning, officials said.

The pool's 7 million gallons were drained earlier this month. About 80 ducklings had died there recently, and officials from the National Park Service had said they believed it was because of a parasite in snails that lived in the water. The pool stretches eight acres.

The pool had sat empty for weeks while the cleaning and treatment were done. People noticed.

Kristine Neece wrote on Facebook, "It was interesting to see it empty yesterday with people walking and biking inside of it. Pretty smelly though!"

And because this is Washington, there were political comments related to cleaning the pool.

Marcie Scholz wrote on Facebook, "Does that mean Trump and his family left the White House? The swamp is not clean until he's gone!"

For a time, when the pool was being cleaned, some of the ducks were offered a plastic pool inside the Reflecting Pool.

Most of the ducks were relocated while the pool was cleaned and treated.