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Weather Talk: Dry weather is more common that wet weather in Great Plains

Precipitation never falls evenly on the Great Plains. It is usually either too wet or too dry. Historically, we have been dry more of the time than wet. It is possible to calculate average daily or weekly precipitation; the average amount of rain or snow on any given day or week. However, throughout the year, there are many more days without precipitation than days with rain or snow. Expanding this view, we go through time with numerous relatively long periods of mostly dry weather with a few interspersed periods of heavier rain or snow. In the big picture, dry weather is more common than wet weather. But over the past 25 years, the frequency of dry periods has decreased as our local climate has become wetter. The present, somewhat dry, summer is probably more typical of our climate over the long term than the wet weather we have grown used to since 1993.