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Cass County chief deputy to retire after 41 years

Cass County Chief Deputy Richard Majerus is retiring after 41 years in law enforcement. Dave Wallis / The Forum

FARGO — After serving in law enforcement for over four decades, Cass County Chief Deputy Richard Majerus says the one piece of advice he hopes officers always remember is to have "a good thought on how they're doing and how they treat people".

Majerus, who will retire Friday, Sept. 1, is well known for how he treats people.

"Whether you're his wife or his best friend or someone he met 10 years ago, he's always going to stop and give you that 10-15 minute conversation that he thinks you deserve," said Sgt. Tim Briggeman, who worked with Majerus for over a decade.

Majerus said it's important to "give everybody some time and let them know you care about their feelings and what they care about."

Majerus' career with the sheriff's department spans 41 years. He began in 1976 as a corrections officer. In May of 1980, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

He spent time in the investigations unit, where he helped solve murder and robbery cases. Those were some of the most memorable moments of his career, he said.

"They take a lot of time, but you really feel the reward when they're done," Majerus said.

In 2006, Majerus was appointed captain. And in 2013, he became the chief deputy.

"Rick is what every person strives for when they get into this field," Briggeman said. "He was able to balance work and family ... and to maintain both at such a high level. He should be very, very happy with his accomplishments."

"I just wish the department the best," Majerus said. "It looks good the way it's coming forward."

Majerus hopes the officers remember that the people of the county hold them in high regard.

"If they remember a good day's work, eight hours of work, is all that's expected of (them), everything will do just fine," Majerus said.

The sheriff's department plans to honor Majerus during a gathering from 1 to 4 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 31, at the Cass County Law Enforcement Center, 1612 23rd Ave. N., Fargo.