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Local firefighters climb 110 sets of stairs to honor fallen comrades

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FARGO, N.D.—343 firefighters and 110 flights of stairs are just numbers, until you realize the connection to 9/11.

On Monday, area firefighters found a unique way to remember those numbers and honor their fallen brothers and sisters.

After a weekend, the gym crowd at Family Wellness laced up their shoes and hit the treadmills and workout machines.

It was a pretty typical Monday, until they showed up.

"Any time I can wear fire gear I am happy," said Jason Carriveau, West Fargo Firefighter.

28-year-old Jason Carriveau is a volunteer firefighter with West Fargo Fire.

Monday, he packed on an extra 50 lbs of gear as he and a dozen other area firefighters, climbed stairs in honor of fallen firefighters from 9/11.

"It is the blood within the fire department. You hear the term, brotherhood, you can buy it on a t-shirt all day long, it is as real as it gets," said Carriveau.

"We support one another, whether we have met them or not," said Carriveau.

It was a hot climb, symbolizing the 110 sets of stairs firefighters went up that fateful day.

"I think I have a break coming in my future," said Kendel Frost, West Fargo firefighter.

"A long way to go, but I am starting to sweat," said Frost.

Those at the gym found it to be a reminder to us all that Monday was anything but typical.

"I feel their pain, because it looks pretty rough," said Austin Bagley, gym goer.

"Very important to be here, to support our brothers who went through this," said Frost.

For firefighter Kendel Frost, the steps were a reminder.

"One of those things, we are a brotherhood. If they can do it, we can do it, the least we can do for those who sacrificed," said Frost.

Donations collected from Monday will go to the local Salvation Army.