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West Fargo dropping ‘noon whistle’ siren checks

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One of West Fargo's sirens as seen in 2009. Forum file photo2 / 2

WEST FARGO – The city of West Fargo is ending its “noon whistle” weekday warning siren tests after Friday, Feb. 16.

The change is being made to follow emergency management best practices, which call for periodic audible testing instead of daily audible tests, the city announced Wednesday, Feb. 14. Daily soundings have been found to dilute the effectiveness of the warning system.

West Fargo will continue to have a siren test at 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month, which allows the Red River Regional Dispatch Center to test the sirens metrowide.

The siren system is also silently tested daily at 9 a.m. Other testing will be done in the spring, the city announced, with possible fall testing as part of preventative maintenance.

The RRRDC is responsible for setting off all warning siren systems in the metro area for severe summer weather. The sirens can also be used in emergencies that require residents to shelter in place, such as chemical spills.

When sirens are sounded, it signals residents to go indoors immediately – no matter the weather conditions – and check a local resource for announcements. Recommended resources include CodeRED, West Fargo’s city accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Nexdoor or the West Fargo Police accounts on those social networks, email or text alerts from the city’s website or local news media websites and apps.