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No injuries reported after a garage caught fire in Mapleton

Fargo man saves 4-year-old boy from running into traffic on University Drive

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FARGO—It was an average day for Brandon Markle as he was driving down University back to a job site for Northstar Fence.

That was when he saw a child running into traffic in the corner of his eye.

The kid was a 4-year-old boy by himself, making his way to Family Fare.

Brandon says he knew immediately what he had to do.

He pulled over and helped the kid out of the street and onto the sidewalk.

This happened around noon Monday, a busy time of day in the area, which is already filled with construction.

WDAY-TV spoke to a city engineer who says about 500 cars drive down that road each hour.

"I do have nieces and nephews, and I would hate for anything, as tragic as it would be, to see a kid get hit by a car. I acted like it was my own kid if I had one," Brandon Markle said.

As soon as he got the child to safety, Brandon bought him a milkshake at Bjornson's Gas Station and called the police.

When police arrived they took over and found out where the boy lived.

Now, Brandon's friends and families are calling him a hero.

The one lesson he wants people to take away from his story: anyone can be a hero.

"I mean it's just looking out for others in general and if you see something out of the ordinary just stop if you can," he said.

Brandon says the police were able to find out the child's name and got him home safely.