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Former Fargo lawyer disbarred in Minnesota now disbarred in North Dakota

Jesse Matson has been disbarred from practicing law in Minnesota and North Dakota.

FARGO — A former Fargo attorney who had his license suspended in North Dakota in 2015 is now disbarred from practicing law in North Dakota following a recent state Supreme Court decision.

The Minnesota Supreme Court had earlier disbarred attorney Jesse David Matson.

According to the North Dakota Supreme Court ruling disbarring Matson, Matson represented clients in family law matters and in one case Matson abandoned a client without providing any services after the client paid him $4,000 to represent him.

In another case, Matson abandoned a client after he first asked for $3,000 and later another $1,000, all of which he received, according to the North Dakota Supreme Court's findings.

In both cases, Matson returned none of the payments, according to the court's findings.

In addition to disbarring Matson, the court ordered him to pay a total of $7,000 in restitution to former clients.

In disbarring Matson in Minnesota, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that between 2013 and 2015 Matson "engaged in a pattern of neglect and abandonment" involving seven client matters in Minnesota and three in North Dakota.