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Fargo woman arrested again at Hector airport

Allison Johnson

FARGO – A Fargo woman suspected of assaulting someone during a flight and arrested for resisting police officers as she got off a plane last week at Hector International Airport was arrested once again at the airport on Monday for criminal trespass and alcohol consumption or possession.

Allison Johnson, 35, returned to the airport and security responded by issuing a criminal trespass order against her, banning her from the building, Fargo police Sgt. Shawn Gamradt said. Johnson ignored the order and returned to the premises later in the afternoon and was arrested, Gamradt said.

Johnson appeared to be inebriated during her scuffle with officers last week, and alcohol was also a factor in Monday’s arrest.

Johnson was booked at 5:26 p.m. at the Cass County Jail.