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Man man charged with searching for child pornography on Fargo library computer

James Sean Fay

FARGO – An arrest warrant has been issued for a Fargo man accused of using a public computer at the Fargo library to search for child pornography.

James Sean Fay, 44, of Fargo was charged Thursday in Cass County District Court with attempting to possess child pornography, a Class C felony.

Court documents filed with the charges say that on Nov. 23, a police officer was at the Fargo Public Library investigating an allegation that a patron there was viewing child porn.

When Officer Michael Clower spotted Fay using a computer there and approached him, Fay began to close the windows on the computer he was on, court records state.

Clower grabbed Fay’s right hand to stop him from destroying evidence, upon which Fay used his left arm to sweep the computer onto the floor.

During a police interview, Fay reportedly told another officer he likes to look at images of children ages 1 to 4 who are being potty trained.

During that same interview, court documents say, Fay told the officer to look at his phone to see if anyone had called.

As he did so, the officer inadvertently saw that “baby girl vagina” was listed as the top term in the phone’s search history.

In another police interview, Fay reportedly admitted to trying to acquire child pornography and told police he owned a flash drive with about 200 pictures of nude female children.

His first court date has not yet been set.

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