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Moorhead homicide still a mystery after four years; elderly victim's cane never found

The 2013 homicide of Hank Volochenko in his Moorhead home, shown here, remains unsolved. File Photo1 / 2
Henry "Hank" Volochenko was found dead in his Moorhead home, 1209 Main Ave., in June 2013.2 / 2

MOORHEAD — Four years later, the homicide of Henry "Hank" Andrew Volochenko remains unsolved.

Volochenko, 87, was found dead in his Moorhead home on June 19, 2013. An autopsy indicated he died from trauma caused by "assaultive-type actions."

Moorhead police know some details relating to how he died that they have never revealed, but they do not know who killed Volochenko, who was known for opening his home to strangers who had fallen on hard times.

The homicide remains a cold case, but now and then a tip comes in, according to Moorhead Police Lt. Tory Jacobson, who said police recently received a new bit of information and the investigator on the case is working to see what it may yield.

"That (information) has afforded him more work on this," Jacobson said, adding that at this point police have not been able to break the case, and "we still do not know who is responsible for this violent death."

Early in the investigation, police underscored one piece of information: Volochenko's walking cane was missing, implying that perhaps the killer or killers were in possession of it.

The cane remains missing, Jacobson said.

"It was just never discovered at the (crime) scene," he said, referring to Volochenko's home at 1209 Main Ave. in Moorhead.

Jacobson said the home had many items inside, making it difficult to determine whether anything besides the walking cane was taken.

He said Volochenko's practice of opening his doors to people he didn't know also complicates the investigation.

"We know him to be a compassionate person that did welcome people into his home on a regular basis, people that were strangers to him and unknown to our community. Certainly, that is a significant challenge for this investigation," the lieutenant said.

Jacobson said a $1,000 reward remains in place for information that may help the case, and he encouraged anyone with information to call (701) 451-7660 and ask for the Moorhead Police Department's on-duty supervisor.

Dave Olson
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