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Best on the block: Longtime auctioneer honored

Auctioneer Tony Heinze was recently inducted into the World Wide College of Auctioneering Hall of Fame. Carrie Snyder / The Forum

FARGO - Tony Heinze has perfected his quick-fire rhythmic chant over the past 47 years.

The auctioneer picked up the skill, he said, because, “I was 21 years old, and I was tired of leaning on a shovel.”

Heinze, of Heinze-Trottier-Parkman Auction Service, was recently inducted into the World Wide College of Auctioneering Hall of Fame in Mason City, Iowa.

He said the induction is like a lifetime achievement award.

Heinze is a member of the National Auctioneers Association and the North Dakota Auctioneers Association. He also founded the Greater Midwest Livestock Auctioneers Contest, which rotates between North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. The original contest was held in West Fargo in 1989, he said.

There a Tony Heinze Award, named after him, given to the person who puts in the most effort promoting the event.

Heinze, who also farms near Dazey, N.D., and does custom corn and hay chopping, has won a number of auctioneering awards. He has also been inducted into the North Dakota Auctioneering Association Hall of Fame.

Heinze served as president and on the board of directors of the association and said he has never missed a convention.

In his letter to Heinze notifying him of the honor, Paul Behr, World Wide College of Auctioneering president, said Heinze is one of the “best auctioneers to ever sell an auction.”

“Your professional skills and pleasing personality have gained you respect and admiration from auctioneers and friends from coast to coast, border to border, in the U.S. and Canada,” Behr wrote.

“I’m very proud of him,” said Heinze’s partner, Barbara Anderson (whom he met in a pasture chasing cattle). “He’s worked very hard. Of course I’m a little bit biased, but I think he’s one of the best auctioneers around.”

Heinze said he likes meeting people and the challenge of selling that comes with auctioneering.

The most challenging aspect, he said, is the chant, something he still practices before an auction.

Heinze-Trottier-Parkman Auction Service auctions livestock, farm equipment, household items, antiques and real estate. The company will go wherever there’s a sale and primarily serves North Dakota.

Though online auctions are growing in popularity, Heinze said he prefers the traditional method.

Anderson, who has been clerking for Heinze-Trottier-Parkman Auction Service for 18 years, said auctions are also a social gathering, something you miss with online sales.

Tracy Frank

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