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Barnesville gets community solar garden

The City of Barnesville Municipal Power will host a dedication on Monday, Oct. 15 at the new community solar garden. / Special to the Forum1 / 2
Each solar panel is expected to produce 496 KWH of electricity per year. / Special to the Forum2 / 2

Barnesville, Minn. — The city of Barnesville Municipal Power will host a dedication and open house to unveil their new community solar garden from 2 to 4 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 15. The garden consists of two arrays of 40 panels and is located south of Second Avenue Southwest, east of the city shop.

The arrays are connected to the electric grid and are producing power. Each panel is expected to produce 496 kilowatts per hour of electricity per year.

Barnesville residents and businesses can buy individual solar panels to receive credit on their utility bill for the next 20 years, equal to the power produced.

In addition, qualified individuals may receive a 30 percent energy credit on their federal tax return.

Assistance with the project was provided by Missouri River Energy Services.

For more information on the Barnesville community solar garden, contact utility manager Guy Swenson at 218-354-2723 or city administrator Michael Rietz at 218-354-2292.