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Letter: Lucy's owners closing 32nd Avenue location to spend more time with family

We are very sad to announce that Lucy's North China Cuisine's 32nd Avenue location will be permanently closed, Monday, Aug. 14. The Osgood location at 4323 45th St. S. will remain open.

Over the past 7 years, based on everyone's support, we ran our business and won the Best Chinese Food every year.

Because Lucy's is a family business, and because it's been growing, we can't have any family time anymore. We want to build beautiful memories for our family, not just work.

We took a long time and finally made a difficult decision that we will close the 32nd Avenue location so we can have more time with our family and enjoy our daily life.

We love all our customers and we owe a big debt of gratitude to all people who helped us. We will still to do our best to serve fresh and tasty food at Osgood location.

Thanks to everyone. God bless everybody.

Shuo Zhang and Lucy's family.