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Letter: The U.S. needs SNAP to win the fight against hunger

Hunger affects 41.2 million people in this country. According to United States Department of Agriculture, 13 million of those are children and 5 million are elderly. That means almost a fourth of those hungry are people who have no control over it.

The largest program that helps the fight against hunger throughout the U.S. is SNAP, commonly known as food stamps. SNAP offers nutritional assistance to eligible low-income individuals and families.

According to University of Illinois economist Craig Gundersen, "SNAP is an enormously successful program and participants are 20 percent less likely to be food insecure." The U.S. needs SNAP to win the fight against hunger.

Sadly, President Trump and the White House want to cut about $200 billion over the next ten years from SNAP. That would deeply affect more than 40 million Americans, many of them children.

In fact, 76 percent of all SNAP benefits go to households with children. No child should have to go to school unfocused on their homework because their tummy is growling. No parent should have to sacrifice their meal to feed their own children. And no parent should wonder where their next meal will come from. With the cuts to SNAP that Trump wants to pass, this will happen.

What we need to do to solve this problem is go vote. Anyone over the age of 18, go out and check the box against this bill. Make a difference in the world and save millions of children and families from growling tummies and hunger to grow into an even bigger problem for our nation. Before it is too late.

Sorensen lives in Valley City, N.D.