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Letter: The No. 1 election issue is special assessments

Why would Rob Lynch say that special assessments should not crowd the Fargo City Commission rhetoric? This subject is important.

Fargo homeowners are not being treated fairly. Elim Church in Fargo is about to be hit with a huge special assessment and it will break the church.

I started to follow Fargo City Commission business when Rob Lynch was a commissioner. I like Rob, but did not always agree with where he stood on things.

When I ran for a commission seat, my goal was to bring attention to the rising house payment problem because of home-ownership-related taxes in our community.

I feel when someone purchases a house the payment should remain the same until they sell. I am of the opinion that our property tax laws are unfair, the special assessment rules are unfair, and that sales taxes should pay for everything so house payments would not go up.

Property tax incentives for new homes should go away if the 10-year reductions were replaced with a fixed property tax. After a house sells, then the property tax changes for the new purchaser.

I am a sales tax person. When I travel, sales taxes and other travel taxes are higher than Fargo's. So, Mr. Lynch , special assessments should be discussed, and be a main conversation point in the campaign.

Anderson lives in Fargo.