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Letter: ND Driver's License Bureau in Fargo is overcrowded and understaffed

I recently had to visit the North Dakota Driver's License Bureau in Fargo. This is the same building I had to visit in 1990 when I moved here. Fargo's population in 1990 was 83,000 and West Fargo approximately 20,000. The populations are now estimated at 110,000 and 35,000, respectively. The building is obviously too small, with people lined up out the door and employees who either do not like their career choice or are just as frustrated with the sardine-can environment as the public is.

With Gov. Burgum asking all departments to cut 10 percent from their budgets, there is probably no hope of expanding the site.

North Dakota citizens deserve better. If this is how he runs his business, I would not shop there. But of course, we the citizens have no choice but to experience this inefficiently-run circus. We deserve better!

Lykken lives in Fargo.