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Re-Elect Justice McEvers to Supreme Court

North Dakotas Supreme Court Justices work very hard and make important decisions that affect all of us. Typically, they maintain low profiles such that their names are not widely known. That is appropriate, except that it makes it more challenging for voters, at election time, to decide how to cast their ballots.

On November 6, 2018, Justice Lisa McEvers is on the non-party ballot for re-election to a ten-year term on the Supreme Court. She has already served on the Court, with distinction, for more than four years, having participated in over 1,000 oral arguments and having authored over 170 written opinions.

Justice McEvers came to the Supreme Court, initially appointed by then Governor Jack Dalrymple, in 2014 with excellent qualifications, including:

- Degrees in Business Administration and Law from UND.

- Background in the private practice of law in a wide variety of areas.

- Experience as an Assistant Cass County States Attorney prosecuting property, traffic, and drug crimes.

- Service as the Commissioner of Labor for the State of North Dakota from 2005-2010.

- Experience as a District Court Judge in the East Central Judicial District of N.D. (appointed by former Governor John Hoeven) from 2010-2014.

Justice McEvers is blessed with an abundance of common sense, integrity, and intelligence and has the necessary experience to be an outstanding Supreme Court Justice. I urge you to vote for Justice McEvers in November.

Dave Maring, Attorney

Co-Chair of McEvers for Justice

Campaign Finance Committee

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.