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Letter: Tax cuts are working for Americans

A little over a year and a half of pro-business policies have elevated the national economy to unseen heights, and the same goes for North Dakota.

As a small business owner in Fargo, I understand best how lower taxes contribute to a roaring economy. And we're not the only ones experiencing this.

Since the passage of tax cuts last year, businesses across our state are reaping the benefits of paying fewer taxes by expanding their business and rewarding their employees.

Scheels invested in new stores and doled out $500 and $1,000 bonuses to workers and Taco John's gave a $200 after-tax bonus to all full-time and part-time crew members working in 25 locations across the state and donated $10,000 to charity.

Clearly, the benefits are many and varied. But at the end of the day, it's important to recognize that pro-business policies like low taxes are good for everyday Americans.

Owens is the owner of Twin City Sharpening in Fargo.