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McFeely: Piepkorn's concern over your tax dollars seems a little inconsistent

Fargo, N.D., City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn speaks about Commissioner Gehrig's (not pictured) plan to cut the city's property taxes by 20-percent during a city commissioner's meeting at the Civic Center on Monday, July 20, 2015. Nick Wagner / The Forum

The positive for Fargo city commissioner Dave Piepkorn is that at least he showed up at the meeting this time.

That’s better than the time he failed to show for a much-anticipated meeting about refugee resettlement costs, which supposedly concern Piepkorn to no end. He’s looking out for you, the taxpayers, and certainly not using bigotry and racism over immigrants to gain political favor. That’s what Dave says and he played for the North Dakota State football team and so we should believe him.


Anyway, Piepkorn was vacationing in Mexico when he was a no-show, despite being given a six-week heads-up on the meeting. I imagine him being on a beach, sipping a Corona and feeling nervous because all of the brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people waiting on him. I’m not not sure if Cass County commissioner Chad Peterson was on the beach with Piepkorn, also feeling uneasy because of the accents of the servers. Chad, too, is really upset about alleged refugee costs in Fargo and Cass County and, some have said, is the little devil whispering in his buddy Piepkorn’s ear.