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Letter: Israel's nuclear weapons too often ignored

There is no denying that the Middle East is an unstable and dangerous place. Supposedly, that is one reason why President Trump wants to do away with the Iran deal, which is meant to stymie Iran's nuclear program.

However, a logical question would be: "What about Israel?" It is widely believed that Israel has possessed operational nuclear weapons since 1967. Currently, it is estimated that Israel possesses from 75 to as many as 400 nuclear weapons.

Officially, Israel neither confirms nor denies possessing nuclear weapons. Israel also refuses to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Trump, along with some members of of our U.S. Congress, has voiced strong opposition to Iran's nuclear program, while at the same time neglecting to voice any concern whatsoever regarding Israel's existing arsenal of nuclear weapons.

With regard to efforts by the prevent the use of nuclear weapons in the volatile Middle East, we would possibly be more successful if our efforts were more even-handed.

Along these lines, it would also help if we made a concerted effort to reduce our own enormous stockpile of nuclear weapons. Our efforts toward a nuclear-free Middle East would then at least be more sincere.

Bratlie lives in Fargo.