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Letter: Documents reveal FBI and DOJ corruption

Anyone who has read recently declassified evidence from the House Intelligence Committee knows that it is enough to present indictments for crimes of collusion with Russia to affect the outcome of a national election. The documents revealed instances of leaking, perjury, obstruction of justice and collusion by public officials and partisan hacks. These federal crimes (espionage) allegedly committed and/or aided and abetted by specific individuals at the very highest levels of public law enforcement, i.e. the Department of Justice and the FBI, perhaps CIA, as well as one of the presidential candidates.

The rule of law is what makes equal justice a mainstay of our constitutional republic. It would be outrageous for those individuals not to be held accountable by due process.

The president is the chief executor of he Department of Justice. As such, it is his duty to ensure transparent enforcement of our federal espionage laws. Given the facts presented so far, should that not occur, it should lead to an impeachment trial for failure to execute the laws of the land. It would also indicate that our country no longer will seek truth and justice, but the rule of men/tyranny, not law.

Truth and justice must prevail to maintain a civilized society, especially over organized crime within the justice system.

Lucier lives in Moorhead.