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Lind: Swim trunks double as basketball shorts in 1950’s Verona basketball

These are members of the Verona, N.D. junior high basketball team in 1954-1955. Back row from left: Richard Dietrich; Doug Supier, who died in 2003; Donald Wieman; and John “Jackie” Maley. Front row from left: Chuck Humphrey; Larry Laney; Dennis Meier; and Gary Frandson. Supier and Wieman were in eighth grade; the others were in seventh grade. Special to The Forum

No, folks, this isn’t a picture of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It’s the Verona, N.D. junior high basketball team in 1954-1955.

It was sent in by Chuck Humphrey, now of Pocatello, Idaho. He was a member of the team. His mother took the picture in the old Verona school which burned down in 1960.

The boys’ coach was Elmer Lindstrom.

Chuck notes that two of the boys are wearing swimming trunks.

He says the Verona team played junior teams from Jud, Nortonville, Dickey, Marion, Litchville, Guelph and Fullerton.

“My recollection,” he says, “is that we won some of the games, and lost some!”

Chuck doesn’t say how many members of this team went on to play in the National Basketball Association. Probably for good reason.

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