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Jim Shaw: To start: random thoughts

Since I had to step away from the news business to recuperate, I’ve had plenty of time to think about current events. Thus, I give you the first edition of ... drumroll please ... “Random Thoughts from a guy with too much time on his hands.”

  • I’m not sure when the Moorhead Police Department is coming out with its report on the infamous chase in June of Kendall Feist, but I’ll bet they never allow three squad cars to follow a suspect on a golf course again. For that matter, I’ll bet they never deny again participating in a chase that they actually were involved in.
  • Fargo students and parents should brace themselves for school closings, fewer courses, fewer teachers, cutbacks in sports programs, and/or larger classes. This will likely happen if the general fund mill levy is not approved by Fargo voters.

    The Fargo School Board needs to do a better job in communicating these dire consequences to the public. Fargo voters have proved they will support tax hikes for specific projects. These include the Fargodome, a new library, flood protection, and Discovery Middle School. However, they will not support a possible raise of the mill levy unless it’s spelled out to them what’s at stake.

    The mill levy plan was defeated in March. There should be a plan to try again.

  • Same-sex marriage is coming to North Dakota, whether you like it or not. It will come to all 50 states. Every court ruling in other states has been in favor of same-sex marriage, although some have been put on hold. Eventually there will be court rulings that apply to North Dakota.
  • How did the Dickinson (N.D.) Police Department improperly give Miranda rights to the main suspect in the Dickinson Trinity High School arson case? The suspect was school Principal Thomas Sander.

    It’s unfair to say whether Sander did it or not, but now the case has been dismissed because most of the evidence against Sander is inadmissible. That’s a blunder. The school suffered severe fire damage. We may never know who started the fire and why.

  • Some members of the Moorhead City Council want to find another site for the Churches United housing apartment project for the homeless. A site where nearby residents and businesses will “embrace” the project.

    If that’s the case, they will have an awfully long search that may never end. Of course the project doesn’t need the approval of the council.

  • Democratic NPL U.S. House candidate George Sinner’s tactic in attacking Congressman Kevin Cramer. R-N.D., for missing votes is right out of the Kent Conrad playbook. In 1986, Conrad blasted incumbent Sen. Mark Andrews, R-N.D., for a speaking engagement in Florida while Congress was in session. Conrad surprised the experts in that election by winning election to the Senate in a squeaker.
  • Hillary Clinton has made up her mind to run for president. I suspect she’s thinking about running mates. When she runs and is nominated, my guess is she will select a Hispanic male.
  • The leaks from NSA contractor Edward Snowden were inexcusable and caused major security damage to the United States. However, why are we continuing to spy on our friends in Germany?
  • One of the great thrills for me is to watch my daughters perform on the Trollwood stage. I’m sorry the show is over. Can’t wait until next summer.

    Plenty more where this stuff came from. Thanks for reading. See you soon.

Shaw was a reporter at WDAY-TV for 21 years, and news director at KVRR-TV (FOX News) for 14 years. He taught mass communications at Minnesota State University Moorhead for 17 years, and frequently has hosted radio programs on KFGO. He received his Bachelor and Master degrees in journalism from Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. His weekly column will appear Sunday in The Forum. Email