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Hauser: Got grit?

A few Saturdays ago, our television was on ESPN as I walked through the living room. The NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony was on and the first inductee, Kenny Easley, was starting his speech. His second sentence was: "I'd like to start by sharing a passage from the Bible I've leaned on, counted on and trusted with all certainty through the years."

As a man who is forever in debt to God for giving us the greatest book ever written; the greatest book of wisdom, hope, correction and instruction our eyes will ever see; my ears perked up and I sat down. I listened to Kenny's entire speech, which was based on Philippians 4:6. I thought it was brilliant and I applaud him.

Next up was Jason Taylor and I watched his entire speech...and I continued watching. For the first time, I watched the entire ceremony which included seven speeches and lasted for three and a half hours. It confirmed in my heart a concept that God has been reminding me of over and over again this year. One of the major separators of people, the common element in highly successful people (such as those in the Hall of fame versus others with equal amounts of talent) is grit. In other words, determination, persistence, or an indomitable spirit.

Several years ago I wrote on an index card what grit means to me. Grit means tenacity during adversity. Let's face it, life can be brutally tough. No one is immune. When adversity hits, do we rise up or sit down?

Grit means commitment on steroids. Most people will voice their commitment, many will display it for a season, but very few will disregard quitting, living as if it is no longer an option.

Grit is stubbornness with a purpose; a dream that must be chased; a vision worth dying for that will outlive your life. Some days the steps may seem so small but grit means always moving forward.

When you have grit, the more that goes wrong, the harder you get to work. It's also less time wasted wishing. "Oh, I wish it was easier. I wish I could get a break. I wish I wouldn't have...I wish...I wish." What would life look like if you stopped wishing and focused on working?

When you have grit, optimism goes up the more the sun goes down. You attack problems with positive energy. You keep the belief and hope alive. Author Jon Gordon says, "We are positive not because life is easy. We are positive because life can be hard. It's not Pollyanna. It's finding a way forward."

I want my wife to know I am with her until death do we part. I want my kids to know I have their back and am on their side until God takes me home. I want our church to know that no matter how fierce the battle gets I will not back down on God's mission and vision. I want to be a person of grit. How about you?

God bless you. See you next Sunday!

Hauser is founding and senior pastor, Prairie Heights of Fargo Moorhead. Email