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Hauser: We can all do something for someone

This past summer, Prairie Heights partnered with Midwest Radio to offer free service for the vehicles of single parents including oil changes and car washes. While the parents enjoyed coffee, breakfast and conversation their kids had a blast playing in the Prairie Heights' Kidventure Playlands. Eighty volunteers invested their time and skill in encouraging the lives and spirits of these families with a total of 65 cars serviced and 442 total hours volunteered.

I played with children for five hours that day and went home and took a three-hour nap! I was tired and my heart was deeply moved and blessed.

Among the volunteers were several single parents and several of us who grew up in single-parent households. At one point during the event, I went and hugged one of the volunteers who lost his dad at a young age and told him how proud his dad would be of him. It was a healing moment for both of us. When we extend ourselves into serving others with no strings attached, God heals our hearts in ways we didn't think possible.

As humans we are wired to serve, yet our culture teaches us to obsess over our agendas, our hobbies, our comfort and our wants. Bad behavior, negativity and cynicism seem to dominate our social media feeds, newspapers and radio and television stations.

I want to tell you a positive story from this "servilization" project. Sarah was a first-time volunteer at Prairie Heights that day. She was serving coffee at Rosie's Coffee Café and struck up a conversation with one of the moms. During conversation it became clear that this mom was facing a very difficult situation. She was escaping an abusive relationship and was loading a trailer the next morning to move out of state. The mom was so grateful and expressed that this oil change and tune-up was exactly what she and her kids needed because it gave them and their vehicle a fresh start for a stressful journey ahead.

Sarah discovered that this mom was not sure how she would get everything packed and loaded. She needed to get on the road as soon as possible the following day. Sarah took the initiative to share this need with another volunteer, Megan. Megan got Chuck involved. Chuck and Megan talked to some folks, texted others and early the next morning a crew showed up to finish packing and load the belongings of this mom and her children. In addition, Sarah rushed home and put a care package together for this family to bless them for their trip.

What would happen in our communities if we agreed we can't do everything for everyone but we can all do something for someone? Regardless of your opinion or mine of "church," I am so thankful for every church in our community. They are all helping more people than we realize.

God bless you. See you next Sunday!

Hauser is founding and senior pastor, Prairie Heights of Fargo Moorhead. Email