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Zaleski: Column stirs expected mix of responses

Jack Zaleski, The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Responses came quickly to last week's column, "Dad, uncles would reject this president." Even here in alleged Trumpster land, many who responded liked what they read. Not all. Here's a sample:

These two from Fargo:

"Thank you for those necessary words. Powerful words for these troubled times."

"Three days ago I wrote our two senators a much shorter and not so eloquent version of your (column). I thought maybe I was the only one feeling this way. My wife's father was part of the Normandy invasion and my father served in the Navy during (World War ll). Both could not talk about it and would tear up if pressed. Both survived and are gone now. Our president in my opinion disrespected every veteran living and dead with that one vile statement. Thanks for speaking the minds of many."

This from a reader in Tioga, N.D.:

"... I just finished reading your article, twice. I should hope the masses get a chance to read it. Powerful, appropriate message. Spot on!"

A former Fargo legislator (Republican) wrote:

"Outstanding article! Thank you so much for being a sane voice."

From a reader who did not include an address:

"Right on with the Sunday column. I began the New Year the same way (to give Trump a chance). Outstanding today!"

From a reader who did not like the column:

"You're just an old Democrat that can't accept Trump winning. I am 68 years old and since I can remember the Dems were always accusing the R's of being racist. It is the only thing the Dems have to sell, other than transgender bathrooms for all public buildings. Keep trying."

(Not sure what transgender bathrooms have to do with neo-Nazis, but heck, what do I know?)

A rural Cass County reader said:

"Wow, Jack. You really hit the nail on the head with your (Sunday column). Keep up the good work!"

From a reader with an opinion on opinions:

"By reading your story (column) you were never a Trump supporter. Just another writer hiding behind their opinions. I want to thank you for trying to destroy what's left of my America. As for your writing, I gave you a chance to impress me, but you failed, so I now I will not give you a chance either. If the shoe fits!!!"

(Hiding behind my opinions? How's that? Been writing every Sunday for 30 years, complete with email, phone number and flattering mugshot. Hard to hide. I hope this scholarly denizen of "my America" keeps reading, but he seems more interested in shoe sizes than thoughtful debate.)

Finally, from rural Minnesota:

"I am a Jew and a veteran of World War II, and I experienced anti-Jewish talk in my infantry unit, especially from Southern guys, until we all were in a foxhole together. Things changed quick then. I was in the occupation in Germany after the fighting, and I saw some of the same things that your uncles saw. I got to travel to German towns. I saw how much they hated Jews like me, like they said right to my face. It wasn't just Hitler and higher-ups. It was common people. Just like white supremacists right now in my country. Thank you so much for writing it up the way you did. You got it right about Trump."

Zaleski retired in February after nearly 30 years as The Forum’s editorial page editor. He will continue to write a Sunday column. Contact him at or (701) 241-5521.