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Letter: Critics didn't read my climate change letter closely

I would like to reply to letters from John Shepler published Feb. 9 and Karry Kyllo published Feb. 12. Neither read my letter very well. I never said anything about jets. I would like to see the jet that made it to 124,000 feet.

In the U.S. Air Force, we flew higher than any civilian jet, 40,00 - 45,000 feet. When we broke the speed of sound over an old shack, it exploded like a bomb blew it up. I think the jet was like a hundred feet above ground. Now that is power!

I never said anything about the 1940s. It was the 1930s that proved rockets disturbed the weather. When Germany fired the buzz bombs in WWII, it changed the weather where the farmers started getting crops again. We had 36 inches of rain in the summer of 1962. With horrible flooding, thanks to rocketing.

Our region is semi-arid or less than 18 inches of rain a year. In June, Cuba, N.D., had 12 inches and washed out the train tracks. I am four miles away and never got a drop! Shock rings!

"Red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night, sailors delight." This was coined from the Bible in Matthew 16 verse 2 where Jesus stated that man can discern the weather by looking at the sky, but we can't understand him.

As a certified organic farmer, I worked closely with nature because if I did something she didn't like, my crops yielded accordingly. Our erratic weather forced me to retire.

I wrote a column once a month for the Valley City Times Record from Jan. 2000 to Dec. 2001. When I started, it was mostly Russia and the U.S. that rocketed. Six weeks and two days after each rocket, we would feel it in the weather. From Russia, we got dry and warm and from the shuttle we got wet and cold.

Climatology class in the 1960s stated from infancy to full scale, weather took six to seven weeks. I wrote my column using that for a guide.

SpaceX blasted off with the most powerful rocket on the Feb. 6, 2018, and I predict that we will have a different weather system after March 20, 2018. Cause and effect.

Buchholz lives near Fingal, N.D.