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Forum editorial: Use your vote as your voice

If recent patterns hold, voter turnout in today’s municipal/primary elections will be low when compared to general elections in November. But this time, in large part because of a hotly contested mayoral race in Fargo, and a competitive primary field for district judge, turnout might be better than the long-term average. And if early voting is any indication, interest in the election is high.

Weather looks good, with showers forecast for late in the day. If the forecast is accurate, weather won’t be an excuse for not going to the polls. Polling places are conveniently located throughout Fargo, West Fargo and Cass County, so voter access is not a problem. New voter ID rules are as open and user-friendly as possible.

Every election is important. An argument can be made that local elections and primaries are most important because they determine representation on government bodies that can have the most direct impacts on residents of cities, school districts, parks and counties. That surely is the situation today because no matter the individual results, there will be change on nearly every local board.

Voting is a right and a sacred privilege; it’s not a mandate. But there are few responsibilities of citizenship that are as basic as voting. You want to have a say? Vote. Those who don’t vote for whatever reason still have the right to complain about local government, but by not voting they erode their credibility.

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