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Forum editorial: Drone zealots win weeds

LEAFY SPURGE: To the breathless advocates for unmanned aircraft, commonly called drones. As regulation of the potentially invasive devices falls behind their appeal and capabilities, there is little doubt they will be misused. That’s happening already with stories coming in from all over the nation of small drones being used as high-tech peeping toms and for other nefarious purposes. The potential for invasion of privacy by camera-carrying drones is immense, from misuse by police forces to merely flying into the privacy of a backyard. The technology surely can be adapted for legitimate purposes, many of which are marvelous. But the opportunity for mischief is obvious. These things need to be controlled. Advocates for free-for-all drone protocols, including some folks at the University of North Dakota aviation school, are dead wrong.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To the people and organizations – and there are many of them – who have been working hard for years to secure a Theodore Roosevelt Library in Dickinson, N.D. With funding from the Legislature and city secured, several sites in the city have been recommended by a consulting firm. At least one is on the campus of Dickinson State University, which would be an ideal location. The TR library will be a world-class facility that will attract students and researchers. The presidential library will be home for a trove of Roosevelt historical information and legend and lore. The North Dakota location recognizes how TR was influenced by his time in the state’s Badlands. It’s a wonderful addition to the history and heritage of the state. The people who made it happen win high praise.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To re-elected Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker and outgoing City Commissioner Brad Wimmer on their gracious remarks during a ceremony last week recognizing Wimmer’s long service to the city. The commissioner lost to Walaker in a hotly contested mayoral race. The race might have gotten testy on occasion, but both men are gentlemen and both understand what it means to serve the public in elected office. Wimmer did excellent work on the commission and before that on the Fargo Park Board. Walaker will continue to lead the city in his unique style, of which voters approve.

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