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Forum editorial: Prairie roses

PRAIRIE ROSES: To Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams and others, who are thinking with a measure of vision about the future of the city. The “Uptown” idea floated last week is one indication that Moorhead leaders and others are serious about, if not rebranding the city, at least developing a unique identity that is both business-friendly and attractive to old and new residents. It might be “Uptown” or some other identifier that helps spur the new life that already is evident in the city’s downtown. It might be the stimulus for more ideas that define a new Moorhead. Whatever the outcome, out-of-the-box thinking is the right way to go.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To 89-year-old Dr. Frederick Gross of Trenton, N.D., who is keeping a version of the doctor’s house call alive in far western North Dakota. The medical doctor has long since retired from active practice, but he still sees patients at a Trenton Community Clinic. He signs on for six-month stints. In the process, he stops at the homes of some of his patients, and then goes on to the clinic. That personal touch in the home, lost decades ago to modern medical practice, still is honored by the doctor and cherished by his patients. Of course, medicine today does not allow for the routine house calls of the past, but Dr. Gross is a reminder of the days when delivering medical care was personal and when doctors really knew their patients.