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Letter: A non-starter for Fargo Post 2

America’s pastime is losing its influence. Those most concerned with the waning popularity of baseball have been cautiously proposing changes to the game in order to attract a 21st-century fan base. Even the most ardent purists seem willing to accept serious reform proposals. They realize the “dog days” of August haven’t been relevant on the national scene since Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa chased Fargo’s favorite son in 1998.

Credit is due to Jeff Kolpack (column, Aug. 6) for starting a local-level reform conversation regarding Fargo Post 2, but it is difficult to take his nickname proposal seriously. An examination of the history of American Legion baseball in North Dakota will prove one indisputable fact: Post 2 baseball is the premier program in the state of North Dakota. A gimmicky nickname change will only cheapen its rich history and tradition. Post 2 is above such nonsense.

It is time to seriously consider making certain changes, but you don’t honor the legacy of a man by cheapening the prestige of the program that produced him.

Sand was a Post 2 player from 2006-08 and two-time Mr. Hustle. Sand is from Fargo.