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Forum editorial: Clearly, Cobb not 'superior'

Self-described white nationalist Craig Cobb, not the brightest light in the reliably dim-bulbed world of racists, white supremacists and neo-Nazis, apparently doesn't see the in-your-face irony in the claim he's a victim of discrimination. In the latest chapter of Cobb's North Dakota saga, he's threatened to file a federal lawsuit because he believes he was blocked from purchasing a home in Landa, N.D., because—now get this—of his alleged racial mix and his out-of-the-mainstream religious creed.

It is curious, to say the least, that racist Cobb, whose aim in North Dakota is to establish an all-white enclave that celebrates white "superiority" and the prioritization of white people, is arguing that race is the reason a local bank and house owner backed out of a property sale. It is ridiculous to the point of absurdity that Cobb apparently believes that a 2013 DNA test that alleges he's part Sub-Saharan African, turned the banker and property owner against him, thus discriminating against him because he might be "part black."

So, by Cobb's reckoning, the racists are the people in Landa? Could it be the good people of that small town want nothing to do with Cobb because of the record of mayhem, violence and racial hate he's compiled in other small towns in the state? Could it be that Cobb's outrageous racial beliefs, not his race, are anathema to people of goodwill, no matter where they live?

In Cobb's "superior" white mind, he's a victim not because of his white supremacist views, but because of the mere suggestion he might have a measure of African DNA in his genetic code. The racist charges racism. This is laugh-out-loud stuff. And if it ever gets into a federal courtroom (doubtful, given that Cobb is more fatuous blowhard than legal scholar), it should be laughed out.

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