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Letter: Let your voice be heard June 10

Please remember to vote June 10 in the municipal elections. Vote for a Fargo mayor, two city commissioners, school and park board members and a judge. The city of Fargo, the Fargo Public Schools and the Fargo Park District each operate independently and are funded from different resources. This autonomy strengthens the capacity for insightful planning and the ability to fulfill the mission of each. Partnerships between the city, schools and parks provide Fargo with an inspiring ability to maintain its status as the best possible place to reside.

For others, such as myself, the primary election is just the beginning. The general election will be held on Nov. 4. Between now and then, I will campaign for a seat on the Cass County Commission.

The general elections in November are an opportunity to vote for Cass County commissioners, state representatives, and many other statewide and national offices. Become an educated voter. Take a stand, form an opinion, learn from others.

The opportunity to develop a personal interest in community affairs is a gift given to each of us. It is especially gratifying in a community such as this where every person can easily participate . A big city can dwarf the ability of the individual to be involved, but not here. Remember that every vote is a voice heard in an election. Make a difference in our community by voting on June 10.

Morgan lives in Fargo.