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Letter: Board, Wimmer have our thanks

A note of thanks to the Fargo Liquor Control Board for their incredible assistance and cooperation in establishing a new classification for a microdistillery. A special thanks to City Commissioner Brad Wimmer for his assistance and encouragement. He has been instrumental in guiding us through the Liquor Control Board process.

We are in the process of opening a microdistillery. This is similar to a microbrewery but we will be producing and distilling whiskeys, vodkas, gins, etc.

There is a daunting amount of federal-state-local licensing and regulatory hoops that we must pass on our way to existence. Thank you very much to Wimmer for his advocacy, and to the Liquor Control Board for making the city classification portion of licensing a smooth and seamless task.

Kath is with Proof Artisan Distillers of Fargo.