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Letter: Do not re-elect Dinah Goldenberg

By Pamela Sund Herschlip


Fargo School Board candidate and board president, Dinah Goldenberg spearheaded the March special election to increase your property taxes. Under her leadership, voting stations were temporarily moved to Fargo school buildings in an attempt to secure her and the board’s “yes” vote.

She and others used your tax dollars to create FPS Powerpoint “yes” vote slides for board presentations on public properties, which may not be a legal use of your tax dollars. Send a strong message to Goldenberg. If you voted “no” on the mill levy increase, do not for Goldenberg on June 10.

While it’s difficult to determine the most fiscally responsible candidates, sound replacement candidates could include: Scott Dahms, David Paulson, Brian Martin, and Almed Kamel. Unfortunately, none of the female candidates, according to The Forum’s questionnaire, expressed adequate fiscal concern.