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Letter: Go with Brust for commission

By David L. Wells


In a few days, Fargo will choose its new City Council, and as usual, this year’s election will have an impact on all of us. Less usual, we have the opportunity this year to select an unusually talented young person to help guide our city.

If you have not yet met Mara Brust, please do yourself the favor in doing so. You will find a very smart, highly perceptive and energetic young woman, one who cares deeply about Fargo and puts herself in a position to learn at firsthand what makes our city grow and prosper. You will also hear many good ideas and concepts about initiatives that can be instituted, supported or enabled by city government to stimulate growth in the prosperity that we all enjoy – initiatives that do not start and end simply with the money.

Brust is more in tune with Fargo’s burgeoning entrepreneurial community than any other candidate. She understands and regularly contributes to the ferment of innovation that is driving the economic growth of Fargo and the rest of our region. She appreciates what city government can and cannot do to support our prosperity. Moreover, her perspectives are developed from personal participation, rather than distant and theoretical observation.

In short, when you meet Brust, you will meet the future face of our city. And I feel certain that you will like what you see. I invite you all to join me in supporting Brust for Fargo City Commission.