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Letter: Put planet discovery in the proper context

Astronomers announced in an American Astronomical Society meeting that they have discovered a new planet. That’s not new because there are other so-called planets out there. But this gets tricky when you try to define “planet.” We didn’t have a concrete definition for what a planet is until the mid-2000s. But still there is discussion and debate on that issue of definition. Now we’ve discovered mega-Earth i.e., Kepler-10c. Surprise! Since we have believed that most planets that huge were made up of mostly gas, now, according to discovery, we know differently. Scientists again do not understand how this planet could have formed as it weighs 17 times the weight of Earth. But its diameter is 2.3 times greater than Earth’s. ’Dat’s a lot of rock, buddy! ’Dat’s a lot of density, baby! Does God choose chaos to confuse the wise and call chaos simplicity? Is God stating he’s in control? Maybe this is where the souls of dense-brained scientists go after death. Mega-10. Their hope! Like a back entrance to a black hole – a sucking sound.

Carriere lives in Fargo.