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Letter: Taking action can cure ambivalence

The recent article “Casting a critical eye on Fargo” has sparked discussions about important city issues. Adam Copeland pointed out issues like homelessness and rising rent in his blog post “I’m #AmbivalentAboutFargo, & You Should Be Too.” These concerns are not his alone, but those of many residents in the community, as well as service organizations. Some of these problems are arising because of the community’s prosperity, so how do we handle issues of a growing metro area? There are more than 1,000 nonprofits in Cass and Clay counties addressing problems such as homelessness, hunger, affordable child care and many other important issues. Nonprofits use charitable dollars to impact socio-economic sectors communitywide. Though nonprofits tend to work quietly, there is progress. Copeland just needs to take a closer look. Are we finished? No. Do we have all of the answers? No. There’s always room for improvement. We must keep moving forward – make changes today to improve tomorrow. I challenge those who are concerned about these issues to step up and take part in the discussions taking place. Visit with organizations in the nonprofit sector to see what is being done and what we can do better. Recognizing the problem is the first step, taking action is the second. Set an example. Find solutions. Join the cause. Make a donation.

Beaton, of Fargo, is executive director of the FM Area Foundation.