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Letter: Forum at new low with anti-gun tilt

The recent plague of anti-gun propaganda in The Forum has reached new lows. For the past week or two, it seems that in nearly every daily paper there is a political cartoon degrading gun owners.

I would volunteer a guess that a majority of your readership has at least one firearm in their home, so in essence your paper is degrading a large part of your readership. With your obvious biased opinion or complete disregard of fact demonstrated by Sunday columnist Jane Ahlin on June 15, I thought a little shot, no pun intended, from the other side is in order.

I did a little online search, and, lo and behold, the research that I did on gun control in Australia didn’t have the same results as the article stated. There are some actual scientific studies (not off-the-cuff stuff) that show the 1996 gun laws in Australia aren’t the end-all cure to gun violence. I have to choke a little whenever I say or hear the words “gun violence” because it really is a misnomer.

I’m not denying the fact that there is much violence in this country, but I am convinced that this violence is because of violent people, not because of any inanimate object. I don’t hear any anti-car propaganda from our media. Don’t you know that there are cars out there that have enough power to break the speed limit? I don’t hear any wailing that certain cars that are able to break laws should be banned and that would end car violence.

There are plenty of ways people can be killed in this world, but almost all of them either accidentally or intentionally have a basis in human responsibility, contrary to Ahlin’s contention that primary blame is to be placed on firearms and not on the perpetrator.

Take a few minutes and look up gun politics in Australia and the contention over effects of the laws and see what an unbiased scientific study says of the effectiveness of this 1996 ban.

Hedman lives in Detroit Lakes, Minn.