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Letter: ND residents deserve to share in oil wealth

After hashing it over in my mind’s eye, and listening to all the slants and opinions about the millions of dollars in oil revenue for this state, there is only one sensible solution as to what should be done with these excess funds.

The bellyaching and cries for tax relief is not the answer. But for all of us who live, work and breath North Dakota and are of voting age should be appropriated by a precious formula, a percentage (I’d like 30 percent) of the interest with a resultant annual check in the mail.

Some will squirrel it away, a lot of people will not ... and the amount of those dollars going back into our state’s economy will give this state another financial boost and add to the already existing revenue source, which could spark re-evaluating future discussions concerning tax relief.

It’s seems so simple, no wonder the powers that be can’t figure it out. So may God bless the great state of North Dakota. Please help us not to mess it up.

Hanson lives in Fargo