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Letter: It is the system that will destroy

It appears that some just will not be denied the glory they think is due them in the wake of a hard-fought victory. Public displays of support for the retired “Fighting Sioux” sports team name, “Sioux-per drunk” T-shirts, and a host of other things are coming under fire from opponents of the former team name who seek to banish further reference to the former team name.

Despite this, we’ve seen expressions of support for the former team name spontaneously and organically springing from the people in direct opposition to the contrived and artificial dictates handed down by the system about what is and isn’t “official.” But such defiance and resistance in the face of the system’s dictates detracts from the glory sought by opponents of the former team name, so much so that they resort to demands of force and violence to bludgeon supporters of the former team name into submissive conformity with the system’s dictates.

Thus far, I’ve seen demands that the University of North Dakota mete out various severe disciplinary actions, boldfaced demands for censorship, and even a proposal for a state law by a legislative candidate that would ban future references to the former team name. When it comes to the dark, seedy underbelly of public affairs, the type where people, on a whim, will sell out their fellow man to be destroyed by the system, we needn’t look too far to find it. Some of it is in our own backyard.

Rothchild lives in Cambridge, Minn.